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Leisure in the most beautiful capital of Europe


Prague is among the most beautiful cities in Europe. Explore the history and the most important monuments.

The capital and largest city of the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world, annually visited by millions of tourists. City name comes from the Czech word Praha, which means the threshold of the house – guest house is open such for any tourist which is just Prague.
Prague is stuck for hundreds of years, a lot of nicknames. Writers, poets, kings called it “Golden Prague”, “city of a hundred spiers”, “gold ship on the Vltava”, “Mother of Cities” or the “heart of Europe” and its rich history appears every visitor in the form of an incredible wealth of architectural monuments. Here visitors can see both the Romanesque rotunda and Gothic towers, cathedrals, Renaissance houses of the nobles, palaces, Jewish synagogues, Baroque churches and monasteries and unique cubist, neoclassical and Art Nouveau monuments. The historic center of Prague since 1992, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage List.
It’s also a place where cultural life is still teeming with unflagging rhythm. Its inhabitants and the new arrivals has more than three hundred galleries, exhibition halls and museums. Prague’s rich cultural appreciated in 2000, the European Union, which has placed it among the European Cities of Culture Year 2000. In this way, the statute of Prague has been confirmed as an ideal tourist destination for those who want to learn at the same time, gain knowledge and at the same time have fun.

What visit:

Prague Castle

Pražský hrad is a historical building representative of Prague, located in the district of Hradcany. For the Czechs, it has a similar meaning as the Polish Wawel Castle. Today, extended for more than 1000 years, is the beautiful Prague Castle office, President of the Czech Republic, held here important state ceremonies, take a foreign heads of state, arranges concerts, and look more closely at all the works of art gathered here need at least a few days. In every hour at the gate of the palace in the first courtyard is attractive changing of the guard, the most interesting is at noon, when he runs the sound of fanfare with the exchange of pennants. The main building of the castle include the cathedral. Vitus, Old Royal Palace, the Monastery of St.. George and the Powder Tower. According to the Guinness Book of Records is the largest castle in the world in terms of floor space, as located around three courtyards, it takes a total of 45 hectares.

St. Paul’s Cathedral. Wit

The largest and most important temple Prague and spiritual symbol of the Czech state in the crypt of Czech kings, richly decorated chapel of St.. Wenceslas Square and the wonderful Golden Gate. It was built by Emperor Charles IV as the most important church of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Gothic, Renaissance, baroque church dates back 124 meters long, 60 wide and 34 high. The main tower, which offers spectacular views of Prague, rises into the sky at the height of almost 100 meters. Czech kings were crowned here and here also holds a Czech regalia.

Charles Bridge

The foundations of one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe were created during the reign of Charles IV. Bridge, with a length of 516 meters and a width of almost 10 meters, is built of sandstone blocks rising to 16 pillars, adorned him thirty beautiful baroque sculptures and statues. At each end is protected by towers – one Staromiejska and two Malostranskimi.


It is the seat of the first university in Central Europe, Prague, founded in 1348 by Charles IV. In 1409, the rector of Prague’s alma mater was Jan Hus. Until the merger of the university founded by the Jesuits in the sixteenth century Klementinum (in practice, the Jesuits took over on higher education in Prague), Carolinum was Hussite university. Today, white, unassuming building looks nothing like the original Gothic building of the fourteenth century, it is a reminder of the beautiful bay and restored in 1945, the courtyard.

Old Town Hall

The most interesting building in the market is without a doubt open as early as 1338, the town hall. He was originally just a stone building, accompanied neighboring houses, preserving their richly decorated Gothic and Renaissance facades and raised 70-foot Gothic tower. It is impossible to overlook decorating the hall in great detail the most beautiful ornaments of the building – the famous fifteenth-century astronomical clock Astronomical Clock. Prior to this work of art of watchmaking hour tourists gather to enjoy the parade of figures reminiscent of the passage of time.

Golden Lane

A charming street and located near her castle walls adjacent to the tiny colorful houses one of the largest attractions of Prague. According to legend, lived in houses the alchemists, who at the request of Emperor Rudolf II sought the philosopher’s stone and tried to produce gold. In fact, the houses at the Golden street were originally designed for shooters castle – only later lived in them goldsmiths (hence the name).

Monastery. Agnes

This is the first monastery of the Poor Clares lying north of the Alps. It was founded probably in 1231, and contributed to the daughter of King Przemysl Otakar I., Saint. Agnes of Bohemia. The large early-Gothic complex is established branch of the National Gallery of Prague. They are placed here medieval art exhibitions from areas of Bohemia and Central Europe.

National Museum

The biggest and the oldest Czech museum is located in noworenesansowym building ozdabiającym Wenceslas Square. In addition to the most important works of art of the Czech nation there are collections of prehistoric, historic and archaeological sites, theater, mineralogical, geological and palaeontological and zoological gardens.

Staronova synagogue

The synagogue is the oldest monument of the Jewish ghetto of Prague, and at the same time the oldest preserved synagogue in Europe. Rabbis were here the most important men of the Prague Jewish community. The most famous of them was Rabbi Yehuda Low-Liwa ben Bezalel, which is linked to the legend of the mysterious Golem, and which rests on a nearby old Jewish cemetery.
Petrinska tower
60 meters high iron tower standing on the highest hill in the center of Prague (327 m), was built in 1891, as part of the Prague Jubilee Exhibition, a five-fold reduced replica of the Eiffel tower in Paris.


Prague Castle

Prague Castle


Golden Lane

Golden Lane


Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

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